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Music Meditation Series 2016

An experience of meditation through the live music performance. Get comfortable and enjoy the vibration of sounds as a meditation. Meditation teacher Lynda Kerr and pianist Katy Tsai have put together a program to inspire, create space for dreams and rejuvenation.

Sunday 22 May at 4-5pm

Venue: North Sydney Community Centre (220 Miller St, North Sydney NSW 2060)
Bookings essential: 9922-2299 or online

In collaboration with:

Linda Kerr - Meditation Lynda Kerr (Meditation Facilitator) - website

Lynda is a professionally qualified and experienced Meditation teacher and an active member of the Australian Teachers of Meditation Association who shares her extensive knowledge generously with others. Over the past two decades Lynda has trained in many traditions and techniques, and facilitated wellbeing workshops and retreats.

Lynda is a passionate and inspiring teacher with an enthusiasm for sharing the benefits of meditation with others to enhance their own wellbeing and personal development.

Bek Wermut, Musician Bek Wermut (Percussion/ Guitarist)

Bek Wermut started playing piano at the age of five and later went on to learn percussion and guitar. She completed a Bachelor of Arts majoring in music and psychology in 2000 and went on to study music therapy in 2005.

She has done extensive training in the use of rhythm for healing and wellness, and puts this into practice on a daily basis in her work as a music therapist. She also performs on various instruments with some of Sydney’s finest musical acts.

Tina Marsden, Flautist Tina Marsden (Flautist) - website

Tina’s diverse musical background encompasses classical, popular, jazz, Latin and Celtic music. The evocative sound of her flute has captivated audiences across Australia, Europe, Canada and South Africa. She has appeared as soloist with orchestras and has collaborated on solo, ensemble and film music recordings in Sydney, Brisbane, Berlin and Munich.

Tina has been a keen meditator for nearly a decade. Her interests lie in blending musical know-how with her own experiences exploring consciousness, to create spaces that encourage inner reflection.

Music Meditation

The human body is a “sounding board”, awaiting the positive influences of therapeutic sounds, in which pitch, volume, resonance and harmony play a vital role.

Music is the voice of the universe: When we hear music we are actually vibrating with the whole group gathered and with the sounds, notes of the music. Each person is a centre of energy, continually influenced by other energies, light and colour and sound. Of these the most powerful is sound. As music is played live at Music meditation your require nothing more than to listen.

What can Music meditation (sound therapy) do for you?
Selected live music can bring about a dramatic shift in your energy levels and your overall feeling of wellbeing. Music can by pass our minds logical and analytical filters and make direct contact with profound feelings and passions deep in our memory and imagination. This in turn produces physical reactions. Sound is a potent force. The music composed and played by Katy Tsai and co-musicians has been mindfully created to ensure the essence of peace and calm.

What is the difference between meditating to live sound and a recording?
The experience of music meditation is like going to listen to a live symphony, where you are part of the experience. You get to experience the sound vibrations travelling through your body. Seeing it live you FEEL the energy and the passions and emotions of the sound. Sure its great to re-live the experience later with a recording BUT there is a difference. Live music is an experience that evokes a feeling and memory. Live music is a MOMENT in TIME.

What can live music do for our body and mind?
As sound waves enter the body, sympathetic vibrations naturally occur in our cells, which help to restore and reinforce healthy internal organisation.